How I Know You'll Never Be Ready For Your Boudoir Session or Anything Else for That Matter



My mother says that if you wait until you’re ready to have children, you’ll never have children.


It seems like we’re always waiting to be ready for something. To date, to get married, to go on that cruise, to buy a house, to try that Japanese-Nordic fusion restaurant. To, oh, I don’t know, book a boudoir session.


While some of the things we’re waiting to be “ready” for require a significant amount of time, planning, and financial security, many of them only require us to rise above the dangerous mind game we’re playing with ourselves.


I want to clarify that getting ready and waiting to BE ready for something are two very different headspaces. Getting ready implies a certain amount of measurable preparation. You have a goal and a ToDo list, and off you go.


Waiting to be ready for something, though. That’s treacherous waters you’re sailing. And that’s exactly what we end up doing. Sailing along, and before you know it, it’s five years later and you’ve done absolutely nothing to realize your dream of taking dance lessons.


I chose the name, “As You Are” because I believe we are beautiful now. Not three years ago, not after you lose those five pounds, not before you have a baby, not before your hair turned gray, but NOW.  You are more beautiful now than you have ever been or will ever be. Because you can CHOOSE to say to yourself RIGHT NOW, “I love you. You are amazing. You are sexy and desirable just as you are.”


Do it.


No, really. Walk over to a mirror, look into your own tired, sparkling eyes and say,


“I love you. You are amazing. You are sexy and desirable just as you are.”


I’ll give you a minute…









I’ve lost more than one client to the inner warfare of waiting to be ready. And that’s okay, but they’re missing the point. You see, boudoir sessions aren’t about what you look like.  They’re about how you feel. They’re about making you feel hot, beautiful, sexy, desired. They’re about connecting with a part of ourselves we don’t acknowledge enough. They’re about reconnecting with our partner. They’re about believing that we are worthy of sexual and personal attention. Because we are.


What ever it is you’re waiting to be ready for, even if it isn’t a boudoir session, I encourage you to stop waiting and just take ONE step toward it. Want to learn a new skill? Watch a YouTube video. Want to travel to a different country? Get your passport. Want to spice up your sex life? Order that blindfold on Amazon. Want to ask that cutie out on a date? Well, just do it.


What are you waiting to be ready for? What are you going to do next?