I do know that the idea of your lips is much more erotic than our time together would be, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to pop the bubble. I'd ruin this delicious, inebriating dance just for the millisecond before our first touch. 

I light up thinking of the tension we'd feel while we busied ourselves with a playful game.

If we keep our mouths talking and laughing, this feeling will last longer.

You see, I have a heavy interest in perpetuating that tension because I now know that once it breaks, there isn't any recreating it. I plucked that string too soon with mine. That's how I ended up here. 

In this imaginary scenario where I'm on what I guess you'd call a date with a human I've allowed to think about me in ways I want to be thought of again. 

I like the idea of someone positively hurting for my body. Considering the space in geography, time and fiction, it's easy to imagine you hurting at the impossibility of touching me. I'm enjoying that. 

I'll keep you hurting as long as I can, because truth be told, I like hurting, too.