Being single in New York City must be pretty wonderful.

There are so many places holding so many people drinking so many drinks getting all those people drunk enough to say what's on their mind. 

There are interesting events and gatherings where you can find someone new to think about all day. 

There are places to hide and places to be seen. And there are lots of ways to be romantic in a city like New York. You could just go for a well-timed walk, and knock your new someone off their feet and into your bed. 

There are so many people you can have in your bed. 

Falling in love in New York City must be pretty wonderful. 

There are so many movies to show you how its done. 

The city provides a soundtrack to your first three weeks montage, rhythmically filling out your laptops on the couch scene.

And there are so many people to show how in love you are. You don't have to tell anyone; your smile will be tell enough. 

There are so many people you can show.

Breaking up in New York City must be pretty wonderful.

The crowds of people can drown out your hurt if the bourbon doesn't work. 

There are enough streets in the city to avoid the streets you walked together often, often enough to avoid them now that you're alone.

And there are plenty of people you can put next to your body, if the feeling of no body next to you is too much to feel. 

Then, when you start to feel like you can breathe again, there are a few places where you can see the moon at night, and that you found them and went to them is enough to make you believe that it might be wonderful to be single in New York City again.