Why You Gotta Go Used with Your Halloween Costume and How To Do It // WV Boudoir Photographer


OCTOBER IS HERRRRE! Which has a lot of us thinking about our costumes! Well before you get all excited and go to Amazon and purchase that pre-fab Spice Girls costume, read this.

Last night I talked a little on my Instagram stories about how excited I am about my Halloween costume. One of the things I’m most jazzed about is that I set out to put together a costume made entirely of secondhand/things I had/thrifted/made with repurposed items. And I did it!

Today I’m going to tell you WHY I chose to do this, AND I’m going to tell you HOW you can, too!

🖤🖤🖤Reasons to Not Buy New Halloween Costumes and Buy Used Instead 🖤🖤🖤

1. It’s cheaper. New costumes are NOT CHEAP anymore. Gone are the days when mom could run out and buy what is basically a plastic tablecloth with a picture of She-Ra on it. Thrifting will save you a ton of cash. 

2. It’ll inspire you! Don’t know what to be yet? Hit your local thrift store and just see why they’ve got. Often you’ll find a weird piece of clothing that sparks an idea! Think interesting blazer, retro prom dress, hats, graphic sweatshirts, fun shoes...

3. It’s better for the environment. Now I KNOW y’all have heard what fast fashion is doing to our planet. Guess what is absolutely included in that? One time use Halloween costumes. “But I’ll donate it!” You’re still icing your dollars to tell large companies to keep manufacturing these pieces made of not so Earth-friendly materials in not so human-friendly factories. Buying vintage/used/thrifted bypasses this. 

4. It’s way more fun to use what you have, thrift, make a costume! 🧺 It’s so exciting to see it all come together and know you did it in an ethically and environmentally responsible way. For real! Then on Oct. 31 you get to tell everyone you put it together yourself!


——go into the thrift store/vintage shop/your closet with an AESTHETIC. You don’t need to have an exact idea. But do you wanna look cute, spooky, funny, sexy, handsome, goofy...

——know your crafting limits. Don’t sign on for a crazy crafting job if that’s just not your skill set. It’ll be Oct. 30 and you’ll be hunched over a scrap of fabric with bloody fingertips and you’ll just have to go as The Shameful Crafter. 

——but be willing to do A LITTLE work to get your costume awesome. 

——the internet is your friend. Don’t copycat; that’s lame. Use it as reference and inspiration!

——use Halloween as an excuse to wear that THING in your closet that you love, but never get to pull out.

——there are TONS of vintage resellers on Instagram that you can purchase awesome costume items from including my girl Danielle of Golden Trash and check out Ramblin Van Vintage and Shoppleganger as well!

——ask around! Another way the internet is your friend on this endeavor is the HIVE MIND for tips and ideas as well as items someone else has and doesn’t need! Ask on IG/Facebook for items you just can’t seem to find.

——be flexible. When I started shopping, I thought I was going to be one thing, but I changed my mind because I found something awesome. Believe it or not, no one is going to remember your costume but you, so as long as you feel good in it yourself, you’re doing great.

So there you have it! Anything to add or ask about buying used Halloween costumes?? What are some awesome things you could be made from thrifted items??

My Favorite Podcasts! (Sex & Otherwise)

Hi, there! My name is Jodi, and I have writers' block. So here's a list of podcasts I love! 

1. Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse is funny, sexy, and really great at conveying solid information in an entertaining, digestible way. It's an excellent podcast to listen to if you're looking to broaden your sexual horizons. I've learned about sex toys, how to start trying new things, and communication tips to get your partner on the same page.

2. Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck (I have a crush on them both for different reasons) are freaking adorable together. They have such a delightful repartee that can make toilet paper interesting. You'll get several giggles and lots of knowledge from this 45 minute podcast.

3. Modern Love

If you enjoy storytelling, this is a great one. It's short, moving, and never fails to get me thinking. Sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, the essays always dive deep into the nooks and crannies of relationships--romantic, familial, platonic.

4. Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is known for speaking his mind, and the Lovecast is where he really lets loose. This sex and intimacy podcast covers a wide range of relationships in a question/answer format. The Lovecast also always begins with a mini political tirade from Dan, which I always enjoy and learn from.

5. Where Should We Begin?

I will never, EVER tire of singing the praises of Esther Perel. Her books center around the primary reasons for infidelity and how to navigate them. I was thrilled to hear of her series of podcasts in which she records an actual therapy session with a real life couple. Though you may not be experiencing their particular issue, Esther will definitely administer advice you'll find interesting and applicable to your life.

6. The Nod

I just started listening to The Nod, but I am really enjoying it so far. It talks about the stories of Black life that you don't hear anywhere else. It asks questions like "Who's Blacker, Oprah or Sojourner Truth?" "Is Bruno Mars Good for the Blacks?" and "Which Traditions Do We Keep?" I have learned so much about Black culture, history and traditions from this podcast. It's light but meaningful, sweet and funny. Hosts Brittany and Eric are perfect together as they get into some real shit.

7. Dear Sugars

Another Q&A podcast, Dear Sugars is more about relationships than sex, though it does tilt that way from time to time. Cheryl & Steve answer letters from people asking for advice about all kinds of relationships. Sugars has a calm, professional vibe, but also remains warm and entertaining. Each episode has a theme, but again, even if you can't relate with the theme, you'll find yourself with plenty of takeaways every time.

8. Death, Sex & Money

A WV girl's podcast! Anna Sale is just a really fucking good journalist. She asks such great questions revolving around, you guessed it, death, sex & money. Sometimes here guests are celebrities, sometimes they're people you've never heard of. Other episodes take on a more This American Life approach, tackling one issue through many different people. DSM can get you excited about something you're already passionate about as well as make you see things from a perspective you didn't think you could understand. An excellent road trip choice.

There you have it! What are your favorite podcasts? Do you think you'll give these a try? What are you looking for in a podcast? Let me know in the comments!